air conditioning maintenanceOur Air Conditioning Service doesn’t stop at the installation.  Prior to leaving we will give you a comprehensive run down on how to best maintain your air conditioner as well as get the best efficiency from your system here in Townsville with our climate. Read More….

Over time, depending on how frequently you use your air conditioning, your split system will require cleaning, especially here in Townsville, with our humidity.  At Splits to Sparks we have what we believe to be one of the most thorough cleaning services on the market in Townsville.

Over time dust, mould, bacteria, viruses and allergens all build up in your air conditioner.  We can remove these to give you fresher healthier and more efficient air.  Cleaning your air conditioner provides you with a longer lasting system, and saves money due to the air conditioner working at its most efficient.  Not to mention cleaning you air conditioning provides healthy air for your family, reducing sickness.

We maintain Townsville’s houses, rentals and offices with any electrical solutions.  We pride ourselves on being able to get to a job quickly, especially with the nature of electricity, safety is our number one concern.

Our expertise allows us to effectively and efficiently pin point electrical problems and come up with a safe compliant solution to the problem.  We know our regulations, meaning you wont be left unprotected. Where ever possible we will work to your budget and get things up and going again.

Our electrical expertise allows us to explain the problem, come up with an acceptable solution and implement safely, all at competitive rates.

Any additions to electrical needs such as additional fans, power-points, air conditioners generator switches, led lighting, switchboard protection, re wiring of a house will be done to AS3000 wiring standards, never overloading your electrical capacity. Our work is about quality, and your families safety.

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